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Tour Leader Course - Global Tourism & Hospitality

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The position of the Tour Leader is one of the most attractive and sought- after in the travel industry. Tour Leading is a high profile, glamorous job. It builds character and challenges one’s skills. A good Tour Leader entertains and manages people in ways that are fascinating, remarkable and exciting. He is the primary point of contact and an adviser to the group that he manages.

It is therefore essential that all Tour Leaders are well-equipped with the historical background, geography, current affairs for every destination and be updated on the various aspects of each destination especially when most tourists nowadays have traveled widely and are well informed.

An ideal Tour Leader is someone with an out-going personality, decisive, organized, empathetic, inquisitive and above all, have a strong sense of Ethics. Apart from this, Tour Leaders must know what needs to be done before departure, before boarding, on-board, on-arrival and at the end of the tour.