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Hotel Management Course - Global Tourism & Hospitality

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This course covers the hospitality industry, including food service, lodging, tourism, casinos, recreation, and convention management. Students learn the departments of hotels, restaurants, and travel organizations both individually and in relation to each other. Students examine the management process as it applies to the hospitality industry in order to select an area of interest for their own careers.

Students who meet the hotel management course eligibility criteria can look forward to a lot of different activities in their time at the Institute. Students get to participate in both curricular and extra-curricular activities during their tenure of study.

There are field trips which involve visiting different hotels within the country. Here, students get to interact with industry professionals and get first-hand feedback about the dealings and everyday matters of the hotel industry.

Apart from this, there are in-house guest-lectures by eminent personalities from within the industry who share their insights and views about the latest happenings in the industry.

Team-work and leadership are encouraged amongst the students by organizing cultural events where students themselves put up various acts.

The program also includes student presentations where each student presents his/her paper on stage. This is an important exercise to build self-confidence and polish public speaking skills which later also helps in giving a successful and impressive job interview.