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CTRE of June - Global Tourism & Hospitality

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Malaysia and China have close economic and trade relationship. In recent years, the economic and co-prosperity circle initiative promoted by China — “One Belt One Road” has been highly discussed. Malaysia is also one of the countries actively advocating the One Belt One Road initiative in ASEAN countries.

However, after the new Malaysia government rules the country, what adjustments and tactics will implemented by the Malaysia government on One Belt One Road? What is the impact does this co-prosperity circle to the world economy? What are the forward-looking benefits and impacts for Malaysia? And what are the prospects for tourism industry?

It is a great honor to invite senior scholar Mr David Chong Meng Yean to give lectures to enhance the students’ knowledge of the One Belt One Road and the concept of “Malaysia’s Second Home Project”.

The seats for the CTRE course in June are limited and participants are welcome to register as soon as possible!

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